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CanSkate Stage Four 

Stage Four Skills 

Agility Balance Control

Fwd 180º 1-foot turn 

Fwd crosscuts 

Bwd 1/2 or full snowplow stop

Bwd 360º step turn 

Fwd inside slalom

Bwd circle thrusts

Fwd 180º 2-foot jump

Fwd outside slalom

Bwd 2-foot slalom

Bwd 180º 2-foot jump

Fwd drag with glide 

Bwd push/glide sequence (consecutive) 

2-foot spin

Fwd spiral 

Bwd 1-foot glide 

2-foot sit spin

Drop down drill

Skate goal line to 1st blue line in under 9 seconds.


Fwd V-start acceleration 

Fwd 1-foot glide from blue line to blue line. 

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