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CanSkate Stage Six 

Stage Six Skills 

Agility Balance  Control 

Fwd 180º step turn on a curve 

Fwd crosscuts with power blade pushes

Fwd 1-foot side stop 

Bwd 180º step turn on a curve

Fwd perimeter stroking with crosscuts 

Fwd fast 2-foot side stop

2-foot multi turns 

Fwd outside edges

Bwd outside slalom 

Rotating power jump (fwd 180º) 

Fwd 1-foot change of edge slalom on defined edges

Bwd figure 8 crosscuts 

Bwd toe assisted jump

Fwd shoot the duck

Bwd perimeter stroking with crosscuts

Bwd 360º 2-foot jump

Fwd perimeter skating with 2-foot side stops at each end 

Bwd 1-foot change of edge slalom

Fwd 1-foot spin with spiraling edge entry 

Fwd spiral 

Bwd 1-foot spin

Fwd 180º 2-foot reverse pivot turn

Fwd crossover acceleration 

Skate perimeter of ice in 30-35 seconds.

What's Next? 

Check out our Pre-Power Skating and STARSkate program descriptions! 

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